Release v0.2.0 – Inventory Update

Hello again Spacefarers,

Destroy terrain, collect materials, and use those materials to build whatever you like.

This update introduces the inventory system, as well as fixes many different gameplay and performance issues present within the 0.1.0 release.

Note that the building system is fairly tedious right now – the next update will help resolve this, stay tuned.


  • Added item icons
  • Added toolbar
  • Added brush size UI indicator
  • Improved inventory usability
  • Improved performance of terrain loading
  • Removed grid size in favor of grid lock (R key)
  • Removed debug console
  • Fixed player camera shake (thanks to LuckySkull#9139)
  • Fixed player jumping

Known Issues

  • It is possible to place ore.
  • Placing and destroying voxels can be slow while chunks are loading.
  • Shadows disappear if you get too far away from spawn.


Please try your best to break it.

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