In Spacefarer, you wake up to find yourself lost in an infinite, procedurally generated universe. Repair your ship and take to the stars – uncovering mysteries and exploring uncharted sectors as you search for your new home among the cosmos.

Key Features

  • ADVANCED BUILDING SYSTEM – Every voxel you see can be modified. Shape the terrain to your will and build structures that reach into the stars. Quickly create intricate decorations with volume fill and shape creation tools.
  • MISSION SYSTEM – Complete small tasks here and there or follow epic storylines that span the ‘verse.
  • CRAFTING – Build your own weapons, sew your own clothes.
  • SATISFYING MOVEMENT – Double jumps, wallrunning, crouch sliding, and more.
  • VAST DUNGEONS – Explore procedurally generated underground dungeons filled with dangerous monsters and valuable loot.
  • COMPONENT-BASED WEAPONS – Don’t just leave your favorite weapon behind. Combine the best bits from everything you find and forge a custom weapon that’s much greater than the sum of its parts.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SHIP – Fly through the universe in a ship of your own design.
  • PROCEDURAL WORLDS – Every ‘verse is unique, every ‘system is unique, every planet is unique. Explore limitless terrain based on temperature, humidity, gravity, and world type.

Spacefarer is still in early development. Many features have not been finished yet.

Feature Status:

Incomplete, Not Started
Incomplete, Started


During development, we will be releasing publicly accessible versions of Spacefarer for testing and feedback.
As with the finished game, development builds will be provided for Windows and Linux.


What we’re working on now, and what’s coming next.


Take a peek at what our game will look like.

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