Release v0.3.0 – A Fresh Start

Hello again Spacefarers!

It’s been six months since the last testing release. This time was spent rebuilding the entire game, three separate times. This release comes with a number of performance, gameplay, and UI changes.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this release. As the effort behind Spacefarer starts moving from engine development to game development, getting the gameplay right will become increasingly important. Join our Discord and tell us what you think!



  • Completely reworked all UI elements
  • Added UI window quick-closing with Escape
  • Reworked moving items
  • Added tooltips to items
  • Added item stack splitting
  • Added a permanent help menu



  • Updated to Bevy 0.10
  • Switched to sqlite for save file storage
  • Started using proper platform-specific area for save directory
  • Added Flycam mode
  • Removed manipulator grid lock
  • Removed cacti (temporarily)
  • Removed manipulator brush size UI (temporarily)

Known Issues

  • Windows may display visual issues when near the hotbar.
  • It is (still) possible to place ore.
  • Ambient occlusion may look incorrect at chunk boundaries.
  • It may still be possible to fall through the world.
    • If this occurs, you will need to modify your game’s database to fix your player’s position manually. The in-game help menu is out of date.


Please try your best to break it.

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